This will be where all documentation and tutorials are located

Windows 10

Windows 10 Revealed in PDF (6.4Mb)

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Plain & Simple in PDF  (41.2Mb)

Win 8 Tweak Guide in PDF  (4Mb)

Windows Live Mail setup in PDF   (364K)

Win 8 Quick Reference Guide in PDF  (165K)


Windows 7

Windows 7 Advanced Training Manual in PDF   (11.2Mb)

How to manually configure DNS for Win 7 in PDF (349K)


Windows Live Mail Quick Start Guide in PDF (358K)

Home Networking

Wireless home network troubleshooting in PDF  (964K)

How to troubleshoot your internet connection quick help guide in PDF (407K)

Wireless router basics in PDF  (669K)

Wireless router pics,diagrams and wiring in PDF (1Mb)

Color Codes for 8P8C RJ-45 Ethernet Plug in PDF (9K)